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CitruSolution is the Asheville Carpet Cleaning Expert. We offer a revolutionary Eco-friendly cleaning process for your carpets, rugs, furniture, and even vehicle upholstery. The old style cleaning process uses lots of hot soapy water, that leaves a sticky residue behind to attract more dirt. Instead, CitruSolution in Buncombe County uses an amazingly powerful cleaning agent that is naturally made from citrus fruit peels, made right here in the USA. Our Asheville carpet cleaning, disinfecting, hardwood floor cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services are the highest rated of any service provider in Western North Carolina. It works so well that only a small amount cleans better than hundreds of gallons of soapy water. And, because Asheville CitruSolution is a low moisture cleaning process, it dries in just a couple of hours rather than days.

8 Reasons to Choose CitruSolution

We provide a natural, environmentally friendly way to clean and disinfect your carpets, oriental rugs, upholstered furniture, hardwood, laminate and tile floors, auto and RV upholstery. CitruSolution cleans better, dries faster, stays cleaner longer and smells great! We are Asheville’s best choice for residential and commercial carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning services in the greater Asheville area.

Cleans Better Than Other Methods

CitruSolution dissolves stains with the power of a non-toxic solvent extracted from citrus peels. No steam required.

A SAFER Way to Clean Your Carpets

Since it is naturally derived, CitruSolution is safer for your pets and children than traditional carpet cleaning chemicals.

Low Moisture Cleaning Without Extraction

CitruSolution is Low moisture with no extraction required. Carpets dry in just 1-2 hours… not days like steam cleaning.

Stays Cleaner… Longer than Others

NO soap, NO shampoo, NO sticky residue left behind. CiruSolution leaves your carpet, rugs, and upholstery cleaner, AND they stay cleaner longer!


Remove pet dander or environmental allergens from your carpet, rug or couch.

Cleaned in Your Home

Don’t haul rugs and furniture out of your home to clean. We clean them right where they are!

Guaranteed Prices

NO hidden fees or extra charges, EVER! Click book online to get your free quote now.

Free CitruSpotter

Free bottle of CitruSpotter with each cleaning… just what you need for cleaning up small messes.

Recent Blog Posts

Learn more about us, get tips on Asheville Carpet Cleaning and other important home maintenance processes.

Owner of company cleaning hardwood floors.

CitruSolution’s 5 Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors grace older homes, dress up a new building, and bring a modern feel to renovations. The only real drawback of hardwood floors is that they won’t last unless you maintain them, but that’s where CitruSolution comes in! We will give you 5 expert tips for cleaning your hardwood floors, so they will be happy and healthy for years to come! The 2 golden rules of caring for your hardwood floors are: keep them clean and treat them right. The following cleaning techniques and hardwood floor maintenance tips can help keep the floors in your home beautiful and wear-resistant for years to come.

5 Expert Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

1. Dust Often

When a hardwood floor becomes dirty, you notice it right away. The dust becomes especially obvious, gathered in piles in the corner and lining the walls. What does CitruSolution recommend? Dust at least twice a week. Don’t sweep with a broom because it only recirculates finer dust particles. If possible, use a microfiber mop to collect and trap dust without scratching your hardwood floors.

2. Vacuum Carefully

Vacuuming removes dirt between individual planks. It also reaches narrow spaces like where your floors meet your baseboards. If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a setting for hardwood floors, and you have hardwood floors in your home, we encourage you to invest in a model designed for safe use on wood surfaces. Trust us, you’ll agree that the investment was worth it when your hardwood floors still look brand new years from now.

4. Mop When You Must

Spills can stain even freshly sealed hardwood floors, so always try and clean them up as quickly as possible. Clean up spills with a mop that is safe for hardwood floors (e.g. disposable pad, string, sponge, or steam mop). Afterward, thoroughly dry your floors with a clean cloth and if necessary, spot polish them. Mop with the grain for the best results.

5. Polish for Aesthetics and Protection

People often ask us how they can maintain their hardwood floors with polishes and sealers. The answer is simple:  apply a quality polish or wax every 2-3 months to nourish your floor and protect it by filling in microscopic scratches. However, unless you’re a dedicated DIY warrior, we recommend you leave sealing your hardwood floors to the hardwood flooring experts.

Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean

There you have it folks, CitruSolution’s 5 expert tips for cleaning hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are gorgeous and utilitarian, but they do need a little TLC (tender, love, and care). They don’t hang on to dirt like carpet and they don’t tear like vinyl, however, they look their best when you take care of them with the appropriate tools and products.

CitruSolution the leader in carpet cleaning also specializes in cleaning hardwood floors. We deep clean your floors in a way that most homeowners can’t. Our process actually extracts the dirt and debris out of the wood rather than just pushing it around like a mop or broom. When you mop your hardwood floors they may look clean, but you’re not removing all of the dirt from your floors. Unless you extract the dirt from your floors it will settle into the cracks and crevices of the hardwood. This is why we recommend a professional hardwood floor cleaning.

So give CitruSolution a call and book your next hardwood floor cleaning job. We’ll give your hardwood floors the love and attention they deserve at a price you can afford!

Woman sneezing on couch.

Myth Busting: Carpet and Allergies

Fall has arrived here in the North Carolina mountains and my, oh my it is spectacular! However, the season changing also means that seasonal allergies are here. Today, CitruSolution is here to debunk a common myth ab0ut carpet and allergies. It is a common misconception that carpet can adversely impact allergy and asthma sufferers, when in fact the opposite is true! Not only does carpet add warmth and comfort to any room, but it also helps keep the air free of allergens and pollutants with proper cleaning. While it is a common belief that folks who have allergies should not have carpet, studies around the world have found that carpet actually decreases the number of harmful particles in the air by trapping them in its fibers! Properly cleaned carpet is a viable choice for families impacted by allergies and asthma, the only catch is you have to vacuum! Regular vacuuming removes the trapped particles from the fibers of the carpet. In the case of hard surface flooring such as tile or hardwood, the simple act of walking on the floors and sweeping causes allergens to be recirculated back into the room. In conclusion, properly cleaned carpet can lead to improved air quality and a healthier indoor environment.

Can Carpet Reduce Allergies?

Regular vacuuming with an efficient vacuum cleaner locks pollutants in the machine and removes them from the air you breathe. Effectively cleaned carpet is the best way to combat allergies and raise indoor air quality. Here are 7 tips to help you vacuum effectively.
  • Vacuum regularly and thoroughly. It is simply the best and easiest way to care for your carpet, with the added benefit of improving indoor air quality.
  • Use slow, repetitive front-to-back motions in an overlapping sequence. A quick once-over doesn’t do much!
  • Don’t ignore the corners or crevices where dust builds.
  • Use the proper attachments to clean those difficult to reach areas.
  • Clean from the top-down! Dust blinds, windowsills, and furniture surfaces first, then vacuum.
  • Remember to empty vacuum canisters or change bags when they are half to two-thirds full.
  • For best results, professionally deep clean your carpet every 12-18 months.
If you have pets or children, you may need to have your carpets professionally cleaned more often. We all know that some pets (and kids!) produce more mess than others. While your scheduling your carpet cleaning, don’t forget to clean your area rugs and upholstered furniture! Give the couch cushions a couple of good hard whacks in some direct sunlight – you may be shocked at how much dust comes flying up in the air!

The CitruSolution to Carpet and Allergies

Low moisture carpet and rug cleaning using a natural, non-toxic and allergen destroying product, like CitruSolution, is the most effective way to clean. “Steam cleaning” often leaves so much moisture trapped in the carpet pad that it can cause mold growth. It also leaves behind a sticky soap residue that will cause more allergens and dirt from pets and people’s feet to stick to it. Steam cleaning can actually make the problem worse within a few weeks – and who needs that? CitruSolution destroys that sticky soap residue, and leaves your home naturally clean and smelling great. Do you know what the best part is? Carpets cleaned with CitruSolution will stay cleaner longer! Give these tips a try and give those allergies some push-back!
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Three Things Asheville Homeowners Love About CitruSolution vs other Carpet Cleaning Companies

CitruSolution of Asheville has built a customer base of repeat clients because of our amazing results and Earth-friendly cleaning methods. A recent article explains that the Carpet and Rug Institute recommends having your carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months to maintain optimum beauty and longevity. At CitruSolution we take care of all of life’s messes — spots, high-traffic areas and even those pesky pet stains. We’ve become the one of the top rated carpet cleaning companies for home owners and business owners, as well as Buncombe and Henderson County residents, for almost a decade.

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CitruSolution of Asheville
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Jared Breneman
Jared Breneman
14:39 14 Aug 20
We had a great experience with these this company. They were above reproach in every way. These guys are top notch, I... would recommend them to anyone for a last minute request or a scheduled one!read more
Kimi McBurney
Kimi McBurney
20:21 28 Jul 20
Great experience, would definitely recommend. Very fair and competitively priced. Ensured the job was done well from... start to more
Brenda Piercy
Brenda Piercy
15:13 28 Jul 20
The worker was on time and worked efficiently. My area rug looks great. Very low odor from cleaning solution. Rug... dried very fast. Will us them more
Catherine Louis
Catherine Louis
23:40 27 Jul 20
They were professional, arrived on time, and made my carpets and ottoman look so nice! One of my rugs and the ottoman... are both white so they can be tricky to clean but they looked bright and fresh when he finished. The ottoman even had a salsa stain that he got out! I was very impressed and will continue to use this more
Martin Fox
Martin Fox
16:42 20 Jul 20
Great experience! Carpets came out really clean, friendly staff whomasked up and practiced social distancing. Thank... You!Martin & Sallye Fox Fairview NCread more
Weld WhiteAndBlue
Weld WhiteAndBlue
17:27 17 Jul 20
Don’t rent a machine and labor yourself. Call and get a quote. You won’t be disappointed
Michelle Leipold
Michelle Leipold
17:55 14 Jul 20
Our office carpets looks amazing! We have a lot of traffic on our off-white carpets (not our choice of colors...) and... Bryant and his team made them look super fresh. Thanks y'all!read more
John Leonard
John Leonard
14:51 09 Jul 20
The CitrusSolution crew did an amazing job on the OLD industrial carpet in my office. They were able to quickly and... efficiently navigate around obstacles to eradicate ages-old dirt and even oil/grease stains! The office smelled wonderful and looked vastly improved in no time at all. I highly recommend their service as affordable and highly professionalread more
Beth Maczka
Beth Maczka
13:25 20 Jun 20
My carpet looks great! I was afraid I might need to replace it before renting my home, but it is now fresh, clean and... beautiful. I wish I had done this when we moved in!After the treatment, Bryant followed up to see if I was satisfied and came by personally to check out an old stain on my couch. I also noted a closet had been missed and he had it addressed within the same day. I will use CitrusSolutions again and recommend them to anyone!read more
tony dills
tony dills
23:49 10 Jun 20
Great quality, This company goes out of their way to assure you get a great professional job. Many thanks. I will... defiantly use more
Jared Dowler
Jared Dowler
16:15 02 Jun 20
I was amazed at the speed and result from the carpet and tile cleaning. 20yrs of use and our flooring has a new lease... on more
chanel gardella
chanel gardella
01:16 28 Apr 20
Bryant quickly responded to our inquiry and scheduled within a few days. Jeff, who provided the service was phenomenal.... Great customer service, showed up on time, and was a pleasure to be around. He did a great job reviving rugs that we were ready to throw out. Have already recommended you to a friend. Thanks!read more
Jolene Brookshire
Jolene Brookshire
01:28 14 Mar 20
Jeff was fantastic ! Prompt and very professional. So glad to have new carpet cleaners who I trust ! I had painters... here and they even asked for their card ! Also Brian on the phone was super nice. Got me scheduled super more
Thalia Morris
Thalia Morris
16:07 07 Mar 20
The overall work was excellent. I liked the citrus based solution used, and Jeff was professional, communicated well... adapting his technique for my bamboo floors. What was disappointing is that there was a known problem with the floor machine - it was leaking solution - that required maintenance overnight. This turned a 1 day project into 2 days which was inconvenient. I'll use them again, but I'll make sure all the equipment is more
linda clancy
linda clancy
18:59 10 Feb 20
A great job! Very professional. I didn’t think my oriental rugs were that dirty. When he finished they looked new:)... would definitely more
Bill Arledge
Bill Arledge
01:37 08 Jan 20
Jeff did an excellent job of getting some old pet stains out of our carpet. I was impressed with his effort and his... results. Will definitely be using CitruSolutions more
Lynn Cook
Lynn Cook
18:23 29 Dec 19
My house smells so fresh and clean! They came out quickly and just before the holiday company arrived. Carpets and... couch are spotless! Will definitely use them again!read more
Jeremy Ashburn
Jeremy Ashburn
16:54 05 Dec 19
High quality work! I used CitruSolution to get my carpets cleaned a few weeks ago and I absolutely love the work that... they do. Definitely will start using them on a quarterly basis. My carpets are now clean, smell great, and look fantastic. Highly recommend!read more
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