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About Bryant

Bryant Smith, the owner of CitruSolution of Asheville, came here with a specific objective: providing the most effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable carpet, rug and furniture cleaning service that the Asheville community has ever known.

Beyond that, Bryant is committed to delivering outstanding customer care to everyone who hires uses CitruSolution of Asheville for their cleaning needs. His goal is to exceed each customer’s expectations every time. “Customer satisfaction” is not enough – when CitruSolution of Asheville is finished at your home or office, you will be delighted and often amazed at the results you will see – and smell!

Bryant is a passionate lover of the outdoors 

He is an expert whitewater canoeist and a certified instructor in the sport, and he also supports and volunteers with the French Broad Riverkeeper to protect the streams and rivers that are the lifeblood of our community.

Bryant and his wife Betsy keep an organic garden and raise free-range chickens at their home in East Asheville, and they enjoy hiking, camping and cycling together in our beautiful mountains.

CitruSolution is environmentally safe

CitruSolution matches Bryant’s environmental ethics because it is sustainably sourced from citrus fruit peels remaining after processing fruit juice – getting an amazing cleaning product from organic material that would otherwise be going to a landfill!

Also, the CitruSolution process does not pollute like hot water extraction (“steam cleaning”) processes do – they produce thousands of gallons of dirty, detergent-laden water every year that goes into our waste stream and eventually into our beloved French Broad River.  

CitruSolution’s low moisture process leaves behind a small amount of water that simply evaporates into the air – no pollution! CitruSolution even runs its vehicles on sustainable biofuel, reducing its environmental impact even more.

Giving back to the community

CitruSolution gives back to the Asheville community – it’s one of our core values. We support Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, MountainTrue, Roberson High School’s PTSO, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, among others.  Our community connections are strong and will keep on growing!



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