People like us do things like this…

My wife Betsy and I care a lot about the natural environment. Whenever we get a chance, we are out hiking in the woods, paddling on the rivers, and riding our bikes on roads and trails. We compost our food waste, keep an organic garden, and work to minimize our waste stream. We buy organic and locally grown food whenever we can.

Photo: Beaucatcher Tunnel carries U.S. Route 70 (US 70) through Beaucatcher Mountain in Asheville, NC



We are steadily eliminating toxic products from our home. We avoid single use containers wherever we can — our water bottles are in our hands almost any time we go out, and we have not drunk soda in years. We see the earth as a resource to be shared by everyone, and act accordingly, to the best of our ability.

If that sounds like you, then CitruSolution is your go-to provider for cleaning your carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture. We use a sustainably sourced, all natural citrus cleaning product, and a cleaning process that allows us to operate from small, fuel efficient vehicles. Lighten your environmental impact — call CitruSolution today!


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