Why you don’t want them Scotchguard and other “fabric protectors”

It’s a standard carpet cleaning industry rip-off to sell you “fabric protection” at an additional cost. Often, that cost nearly doubles what they led you to believe you would pay before they arrived. This usually comes as a hard-sell tactic, with claims that if you don’t buy it, you will pay even more because you’ll have to get your carpets cleaned again much sooner. (They don’t mention that’s due to the sticky soap residue their process leaves behind.)

The carpet cleaners pitching these products are not likely to mention some other uncomfortable facts about them. Among those, both 3M and DuPont, the huge chemical and plastics companies that are the largest manufacturers of them, have been subject of multiple lawsuits regarding these products. These suits involved both harm to persons exposed to them, and to the environment around the facilities where they were manufactured. They finally reformulated the products using chemicals claimed to be less harmful, but still not entirely safe. The chemical and plastics industry is notorious for making claims that its products are safe, only for it to be revealed many years later that they are not, and the chemical companies knew it and lied about it.

Read more about it here: https://www.ewg.org/guides/cleaners/5571-ScotchGardby3MFabricUpholsteryProtectorSpray

Do you really want to have something that’s liable to be hazardous to your family’s health sprayed all over your home? Not only that, but pay extra to have it done? Didn’t think so!!
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